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2020-3-25 20:12|加拿大乐活网 Lahoo.ca |来自: Betty笔下的世界


“ 北美疫情日趋严重, 病毒看不见,摸不着,我们怎么在日常中跟它作斗争呢?” "The North American epidemic is getting worse. The virus is invisible and untouchable. How can we fight it in our daily lives?"


“ 出门前的准备”

" Preparation before going out "

" 出门买菜时的准备:从头到脚需要全部保护:戴帽子,戴护目镜,若没有护目镜,可以用保鲜膜绕头自制护目镜;戴口罩;戴手套;"
"Preparations when going out to buy food: you need full protection from head to toe: wear a hat and goggles, if you don't have goggles, you can use plastic wrap to make your goggles; wear a mask; wear gloves;"


<Wear masks properly:
 First, choose a mask that fits your face; you must clean your hands before wearing a mask; then distinguish between the front and back of medical surgical masks, the rough and dark waterproof surface is the outer layer, the soft color is the inner layer, and the metal ring is On the top of the mask, first fold the mask in half and unfold it up and down, cover the nose, mouth, and chin, shape the nose clip according to the bridge of the nose, and adjust the tightness to make the mask fit the face perfectly. As a mask, there is no protective effect.




<Put on gloves and goggles


<Tips for pressing the elevator button 
Elevator button is a more dangerous public place. In addition to regularly disinfecting property meetings to reduce the chance of infection, we can also remove the refill with a pen with a cap when going out, and then use an empty pen to hold the elevator and cover the elevator in time. Put on a hat to better protect yourself.


" 出门采购注意要点 "

"Points to note when going out "


进超市用超市的小车要小心谨慎, 车把手是容易残留病毒的地方, 
<Speed shopping, try to choose packed vegetables and fruits

When entering a supermarket, use a small car in the supermarket with care. A handlebar is a place that is prone to virus residues.


<At checkout 
There is a self-checkout supermarket, you can checkout by self-service. If you do n’t know how to do this, you may queue up for checkout. It is best to be two meters away from the queued person and try not to talk to other people. The same is true at the pharmacy, buy and leave as soon as possible.


<Don't touch your face before washing your hands thoroughly
When walking outside, remember to never touch your face and eyes. Because our hands are exposed, touching the face and eyes increases the probability of infection.


" 回家时 "

" When you got home "


<摘口罩也要留意 口罩表面病毒最多


<Remove the mask, and pay attention to the virus on the surface of the mask.

A large number of viruses and bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye are adsorbed on the outside of the mask. When wearing a mask, do not touch the surface of the mask with your hand. If you touch the outer layer of the mask and then use your hands to get food, dig your nostrils, and rub your eyes, it will give the virus a chance to invade. If you touch it accidentally, wash your hands immediately.

During the process of removing the mask and discarding it, you should also pay attention to avoid contaminating your hands with the surface of the mask. Remove the mask from the earloop, wrap it in a plastic bag, put it in a trash can, and wash your hands immediately.


在进屋之前,一定要重视我们的鞋:可以先用酒精消毒鞋底之后进屋再脱; 有条件的话最好把鞋脱在外面, 或者有消毒液的话,检查鞋盘内消毒液是否润湿,如果不是,添加消毒液稀释液,然后将鞋底踩踏鞋盘,保证鞋底浸润5秒.
<take off your shoes
Before entering the house, we must pay attention to our shoes: you can use alcohol to disinfect the soles of the shoes and then take them off; if possible, it is best to take the shoes outside, or if there is a disinfectant, check whether the disinfectant in the shoe is wet If not, add disinfectant dilution, and then step on the soles of the soles to ensure the soles soak for 5 seconds.


<Disinfection shoes
Take off your shoes and place them on the shoe rack, and put on your home slippers at the same time. Step on the shoe discs and spray out the shoes 5 times with diluent, up, left, right, front, and back.


<Handle jacket
Take off the coat, hang the circulating clothes hanger, clean the coat with a steam iron, pay attention to the important parts of the back of the coat and the elbows, put the coat in the outer closet, or hang the coat on the balcony ventilation. After handling, don't forget to wash your hands again.


<Outer pants processing
Take off the trousers, hang the turnover hanger, clean the trousers with a steam iron, pay attention to the important parts such as the heel and trouser legs, and put the trousers in an outer closet.


洗手,由于外出会接触到各种表面,需要彻底洗手,且要用洗手液,消毒酒精等, 不要用肥皂,避免二次污染;病毒一定是黏膜入血,到达靶器官繁殖感染。所以一回家就要洗手;眼、鼻、口是病毒黏膜入血的渠道,做好防护,不要用不干净的手摸鼻子、眼睛;远离咳嗽、打喷嚏的人;餐具消毒、不跟陌生人共餐,分餐制,即每个人使用自己的碗筷,即使家庭也要如此,避免交叉感染;
<Wash your hands carefully
Wash your hands. As you are out of contact, Xinguan Pneumonia needs to wash your hands thoroughly, and use hand sanitizer. Do not use soap to avoid secondary pollution. The virus must enter the bloodstream of the mucous membrane and reach the target organ for reproduction and infection. So wash your hands as soon as you go home; eyes, nose, and mouth are the channels for blood to enter the virus and mucosa. Take good protection. Do not touch your nose and eyes with dirty hands; stay away from people who cough and sneeze; Sharing meals between strangers, divided into meals, that is, everyone uses their tableware, even for families, to avoid cross-infection;

<Handle things bought outside
Bought also need to be placed on the balcony or window, which can be placed in a space isolated from the living area; for 48 hours, because bought may also be infected with viruses, similar to a coat; for frozen foods, spray with 75% alcohol, Put it in the refrigerator after leaving it for a while, so as not to contaminate the refrigerator with viruses. As for how long to put it in, you can choose according to various materials. Don't forget to wash your hands carefully again after handling it.



<Change home service


<Drink water
Open mineral water and drink at least three mouthfuls and swallow slowly

“ 其他注意事项 ” :

"Other considerations":

<N95 masks protect against viruses
The N95 mask mainly has a layer of electrostatic isolation layer technology. The electrostatic isolation layer fails immediately when it encounters water. Therefore, the mask will fail after spraying 75% alcohol. After the mask is used, it will be dried outside the window. For use, the breathing valve is to inhale and not to exhale. If you are infected, others cannot reach you, but if you cough, others will be infected.

<The survival time of the virus in each material 

Current research shows: at a temperature of 10-15 ° C, the new crown virus is on the wooden surface for 48 hours; plastic and stainless steel surface, 2 to 3 days; paper material, 1 day; copper surface, 4 hours; air slip Pieces, 3 hours; 24 hours on robes. Overall, replacement contact with contaminated surfaces is a potential source of virus transmission. The surface of mobile phones, elevator buttons and metal surfaces of elevator rooms, door handles, handrails of subways and buses, and cash machines are all hard-hit areas.

The survival time of new coronavirus on the surface of smooth and nonporous objects and corresponding factors that can destroy its structural stability may cause its inactivation. Such as high-temperature treatment above 56 ° C for 30 minutes, UV irradiation for 1 hour and so on. However, these measures require intensity and time, not to say that turning on the heating air conditioner, you can kill the virus by exposure to the sun for a few minutes. It is based on the fact that the effects of chemicals are more direct, such as washing hands with liquid soap at any temperature, disinfecting articles with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 75% alcohol, etc., can inactivate the virus within 1 minute. As the main infection route of the virus is contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, and nose, avoid touching the five senses, and do a good job of cleaning the hands and public goods to respond to changes.

每次外出回到家之后,可以关闭手机电源,等手机彻底冷却之后,蘸取适量的75%酒精,或使用其他对电子产品没有损害的消毒产品,包括一些消毒纸巾来擦拭手机表面,并做好手的卫生。将 75% 的医用酒精均匀的喷在卫生棉球或无菌软布上;使用卫生棉球/软布从上到下同一方向擦拭手机屏幕、背面、侧面,手机按键缝隙、充电接口等部位;将手机静置 5 分钟,等待手机表面酒精挥发,完成手机深度消毒;若手机佩戴有保护套,需等待手机挥发干后再重新佩戴保护壳,另外建议单独对保护壳的内外部重复上述流程,进行全面细致消毒。因为酒精易挥发的特性,所以不能保证长时间消毒效果,有条件的话每日可进行 2~3 次消毒。

<Mobile phone disinfection

After each time you go home, you can turn off the power of the phone. After the phone is completely cooled, dipped in an appropriate amount of 75% alcohol, or use other disinfection products that do not damage electronic products, including some disinfectant paper towels to wipe the surface of the phone. And do good hand hygiene. Spray 75% of medical alcohol evenly on a sanitary cotton ball or a sterile soft cloth; use a sanitary cotton ball / soft cloth to wipe the screen, back, side, cell phone button gap, charging interface and other parts from the same direction from top to bottom; Let the phone stand for 5 minutes, wait for the alcohol on the phone surface to evaporate, and complete the deep disinfection of the phone. If the phone is wearing a protective cover, wait for the phone to evaporate before wearing the protective case. It is also recommended to repeat the above process for the inside and outside of the protective case. Perform thorough and thorough disinfection. Due to the volatile nature of alcohol, long-term disinfection cannot be guaranteed. If conditions permit, it can be disinfected 2 to 3 times a day.

<What should I pay attention to for household disinfection
Before starting household hygiene disinfection, clean your hands and wear household rubber gloves / disposable latex gloves and masks. Prepare a 1: 100 dilution of 84 disinfectant, and disinfect by the following aspects in order:

?① 餐饮具和茶具:煮沸15-30秒,或使用高温消毒箱(柜)消毒;

Tableware and teaware: Boil for 15-30 seconds, or use a high-temperature sterilization box (cabinet) for sterilization;

?② 物体表面:对台面、门把手、电话机、开关、热水壶把手、洗手盆、坐便器等经常接触的物体表面,可使用84消毒液1:100稀释后进行擦拭,作用30秒,再用清水擦净。

The surface of the object: For surfaces that are in frequent contact with countertops, door handles, telephones, switches, kettle handles, washbasins, toilets, etc., you can use 84 disinfectant 1: 100 dilution and wipe for 30 seconds, then Wipe clean with water.

?③ 地面:可使用84消毒液1:100稀释后,用拖把湿式拖拭,作用30秒,再用清水拖拭。

Ground: Can be diluted with 1: 100 84 disinfectant, mop with a mop for 30 seconds, and then mop with water.

? 普通织物:对毛巾、衣物、被罩等可使用热水浸泡,再使用衣物洗涤消毒剂浸泡洗涤,最后用清水漂洗干净。
Ordinary fabrics: Towels, clothes, quilts, etc. can be soaked in hot water, then soaked in laundry detergent and disinfectant, and rinsed with water.
?⑤ 清洁消毒完毕后:立刻对清洁消毒工具,如拖把、抹布等进行清洗,以免造成二次污染,然后摘除口罩、手套,洗手。
After cleaning and disinfection: immediately clean the cleaning and disinfection tools, such as a mop, rag, etc. to avoid secondary pollution, and then remove the mask, gloves, and wash your hands.








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